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1 Pcs Iced Lolly Pop Gel Pen(Random Colour)

1 Pcs Iced Lolly Pop Gel Pen(Random Colour)

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The Iced Lolly Pop Gel Pen is a delightful and whimsical writing instrument that marries the practicality of a gel pen with the playful appearance of a summertime treat. This pen is designed to resemble a frozen lollipop or popsicle, complete with vibrant and eye-catching details that make it a standout stationery item.

The body of the pen is often designed to mimic the cylindrical shape of a lollipop or popsicle stick. It may feature colorful, translucent materials that evoke the appearance of ice or sugary treats. Some pens may even have textured grips or patterns reminiscent of the swirls or stripes found on frozen lollipops.

The writing tip of the pen, which contains smooth-flowing gel ink, is concealed within the "popsicle" end of the pen. To access it, you can either remove a cap or twist the top, revealing the writing point.