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3 PC Brick Textured Style Plastic Mug

3 PC Brick Textured Style Plastic Mug

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Wide traders has the best prices of Brick Textured Style Plastic Mug in Pakistan with fast delivery in all major cities of Pakistan. Including Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Hyderabad, Gujranwala, Peshawar, Quetta, Islamabad, and many more cities at the lowest price. Take a look at Brick Textured Style Plastic Mug


  • Elevate your beverage enjoyment with the Pack Of 3 - Bricks Design Plastic Mug, a set that seamlessly merges functionality and aesthetics. Crafted with a unique bricks design texture, these plastic mugs offer a modern and stylish twist to your daily sips. With a pack of three, you'll have ample options for serving guests or enjoying your favorite beverages in style. These mugs provide a comfortable grip, and their durable construction ensures they withstand regular use while maintaining their captivating design. Whether you're enjoying a morning coffee or indulging in a soothing tea, this set of mugs adds a touch of contemporary charm to your sipping experience.

    Key Features:

    • Set of Three: The pack comprises three plastic mugs, offering versatility for serving guests and accommodating various beverages.
    • Bricks Design Texture: The unique bricks design adds a contemporary and visually appealing texture to the mugs, enhancing their aesthetic appeal.
    • Durable Plastic: Crafted from sturdy plastic materials, these mugs maintain their form and design while withstanding regular use.
    • Comfortable Grip: The mugs feature an ergonomic design that provides a comfortable grip, making them a joy to hold and sip from.
    • Easy to Clean: The plastic material is easy to clean, promoting hassle-free maintenance to keep the mugs looking pristine.
    • Stylish Sips: The Pack Of 3 - Bricks Design Plastic Mug set effortlessly combines style and functionality, offering a modern take on drinkware that enhances your sipping experience with every use.