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Goodminton Racquet

Goodminton Racquet

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  1. Racquets: Goodminton Racquets typically come as a set of two lightweight, paddle-like racquets. They are designed with a larger surface area compared to traditional badminton racquets and have no strings.

  2. Shuttlecock: Instead of a traditional badminton shuttlecock, Goodminton is played with a unique shuttlecock called a "birdie" or "bird." The birdie is made of foam and has a rubber tip, making it lightweight and easy to hit.

  3. Game Objective: The objective of Goodminton is to rally the birdie back and forth between the two players or teams, keeping it in the air for as long as possible without it touching the ground.

  4. Casual Play: Goodminton is often played casually for fun and recreation rather than competitive purposes. It's a simple and accessible game suitable for players of all ages and skill levels.

  5. No Net Required: Unlike traditional badminton, Goodminton does not require a net. Players can establish their own boundaries or simply play without formal boundaries.