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Silicone U-Shaped Baby Toothbrush

Silicone U-Shaped Baby Toothbrush

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Silicone U-Shaped Baby Toothbrush

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  • Item: U-Shaped Silicone Baby Toothbrush
  • Gender:Children,kids
  • Color: as the picture
  • Material: silicone
  • Cute cartoon appearance
  • 360 degree cleaning
  • Food grade silicone material
  • Use method:
  • Toothpaste shake one-shake
  • Squeeze toothpaste into the groove on both sides
  • Shake the toothpaste before use
  • Left, center, and right on both sides of the brush head
  • Ensure that the extruded foam is uniform
  • Position squeeze musi toothpaste
  • Swing left and right to brush your teeth repeatedly
  • Hygienic cleaning of flushing brush head After brushing your teeth, flush your toothbrush to keep it clean
  • Package: 1pc toothbrush
  • Product type: U-Shaped Baby Toothbrush

Suitable for Different Stages: These toothbrushes are typically designed for different stages of a baby's oral development, with variations available for infants, teething toddlers, and older children.

U-Shaped Design: The toothbrush typically features a U-shaped design with bristles on both sides. This design makes it easier to clean your baby's teeth from all angles, including the front, back, and chewing surfaces.

360 silicone baby toothbrush